The GIF Keyboard for GIFs


Giffage is the world's first all-in-one GIF keyboard!

TechCrunch calls it "The Last GIF Keyboard You'll Ever Need!."

A marvel of GIF-gineering nothing short of extraordinary. Giffage puts all the GIFs ever made right into your pocket for a never-ending GIF-absorbing experience. BUT, we didn’t stop there!

Our keyboard lets you share the love, the ownage, or just a simple “come at me bro” with your friends and future frenemies (like those who pronounce GIF wrong).


GIFs have been around for decades, yet they mostly went unused in the era of smartphones. Giffage aimed to create the first unified GIF experience with an app dedicated to browsing and sharing awesome GIFs. In addition to the app, Giffage had a keyboard extension making it extremely easy to share GIFs directly from your keyboard to apps like Messages, WhatsApp, and more.

Jack Shalom 2023